Do you have a lead paint abatement project such as: factory-upgrade, bridge, power plant, or an industrial structure?  Easily integrated into your existing procedures, ECOBOND ® LBP - Lead Defender® PRO gives you a simple 1-step process and cost-effective solution to handling hazardous lead paint waste.  LeadDefenderPro® Can Help on Your Next Project!

Commercial and Industrial Contractors nationwide have lowered their costs for lead paint projects by 30%-50%. 
Waste coated with LeadDefenderPro® typically meets requirements for non-hazardous disposal providing substantial cost savings.*


LeadDefenderPro®,  patented lead paint treatment technology is specially formulated for use by professionals and is the ONLY lead paint solution that seals and treats lead dust and lead in paint with a fast and easy Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® formula.